My directory was C:\Users\AppData\Local\Temp\sqxtmcb\sresste\wow.dll I have an Inspiron 620 ST and have run McAfee Antivirus and Anti Malwarebytes to no avail. You also cannot delete this from the Command Prompt as you are given an "Access Denied" message when attempting to do so.

windows - Why does my dll end up in AppData\Local\Temp C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Temp\swtlib-32\swt-win32-*.dll On Windows XP it ends up in: C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Temp\swt-win32-*.dll Whenever I delete it from the temp folder and restart my application the dll is copied there again. The other dlls my application depends on don't show this behaviour. User/David/appdata/local/temp Error - Dell Community Oct 31, 2012 Windows 7 AppData folder and Viruses

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C:\Users\Rext\AppData\Local\Temp\nsmail.tmp | Thunderbird christ1 antivirus is windows defender and Iolo kaspersky,i think..I cannot locate AppData using manual search i get to c:users\rext\Apps but NO AppData fileTHAT is the problem..ALL other Temp,tmp are EMPTY! and if I wait long enough the problem vanishes! so it … COVID-19, Info Stealer & the Map of Threats - Threat