May 14, 2020

Does the BBC iplayer cost anything - Answers Yes! Your household needs to have a TV licence for you to legally watch BBC iPlayer, which costs £157.50 per year. If you already have one for watching TV, using iPlayer is "free". If you don't Do You Need a TV Licence to Watch Netflix? Let Us Explain However, if you watch or download BBC shows on iPlayer - whether live, catch-up, or on demand - then you do need a TV licence. You'll also need to be covered by a licence if you watch or record How To Get BBC iPlayer In Canada - A Step by Step Guide

Jul 19, 2012

Do I need a TV licence?: 20+ TV licence fee tips - Money

You need to pay the TV licence fee, which costs £147 a year, in order to watch BBC iPlayer or any other TV programming in the UK, but that is required to legally watch television in this country

But remember, if you are using BBC iPlayer to watch catch-up shows, you are still required to have a TV licence, just like everyone who owns a TV showing live programmes. Do I need a TV Licence to watch live streams? - Page 2 You need a licence if you watch Live TV (on any device), or watch iplayer catchup. The problem is the definition of Live TV. I do think TVL are land grabbing - for example claiming you need a licence to watch someone gaming on Twitch This seems ridiculous to me. PS Can a mod correct my poor spelling in the thread title please? Do I need an active Pass to use my NOW TV - NOW TV Help