There’s little contest between ExpressVPN, one of the top 3 services of its kind currently on the market, and HideMyAss, Vpn For Discord Only a VPN that might be decent for light applications, but is certainly not secure enough for more sensitive data.

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2018-06-07 20:58:26.445 [Info]: Start Connection 2018-06-07 20:58:26.450 [Info]: Connected 2018-06-07 20:58:27.745 [Info]: Disconnecting 2018-06-07 20:58:27.749 [Info]: Reachability changed to 1 (blocks) 2018-06-07 20:58:27.807 [Info] Helper: Service with name: Cisco IPsec 2018-06-07 20:58:28.109 [Info]: Try to disconnect previous connections. 2018-06-07 20:58:28.109 [Info]: Adapter Check your IP address. Your IP address, in the internet world, is like your address in the offline world. Like anyone who has your address can track you without any trouble, similarly anyone who knows your IP address can track you on the internet without any problems. VPN helps you replace your IP with an anonymous IP so you can’t be tracked on the internet. This is often caused by a missing internet connection (e.g. wifi disconnected, bad connection, no mobile data, or similar) Solution : Make sure you are properly connected to the internet. Depending on your provider and device, contact your network administrator if needed.