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Computer memory upgrade is the other way to speed up windows XP system. Having enough memory space is a requirement so that computer processor computes quickly. The higher is the speed and the capacity of pc memory, the faster will be the processing speed. 22 tips on how to speed up Windows XP by using more than To decrease a system's boot time and increase system performance, use the money you save by not buying defragmentation software (the built-in Windows defragmenter works just fine) and instead equip the computer with an Ultra-133 or Serial ATA hard drive with 8-MB cache buffer. More memory. How to Make Windows XP Startup Faster (with Pictures Jun 04, 2020 12 Tips to Speed Up Windows 10 | PCMag Nov 03, 2015

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In Windows Vista there is readyboost to speed up the computer using flash drive,how about in Windows Xp? Share Flag This conversation is currently closed to new comments. How to Speed Up Windows XP for Free - YouTube Jun 02, 2010 How to speed up a slow Windows XP PC

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Aug 09, 2017 Windows XP Running Slow - How To Speed Up Your Windows XP For most of the computer users out there, especially those who use a system running on Windows XP it is important for them to know just how they can avoid having to deal with a slow computer. This especially true because while most computer users are aware of things like antivirus, defragmenting their hard drives, getting rid of junk files and moving important ones off their computer for How to speed up your Windows XP SP3 computer (Part 2