If your not sure if it is correct then you might want to copy it and post it here. If you make changes you may need to restart to see any effect; If this doesn't help then open your C:\Windows\system32 directory and ensure it contains IPConfig.exe. If it doesn't then I guess you must be missing system files.

I made that mistake here and could not reset the modem! But get the ip address on the desktop first if you have one. Should show like and should show your ISP also. Once you get it there you should be able to see it on the laptop wireless and if not at … ifconfig -a not working - Unix ifconfig -a not working. Hi All, I logged into a sun microsystems server box, using both a vnc session and a ssh session. I am able to use "ifconfig -a" in a ssh session, but the same on a vnc session says that its a invalid command. how is this possible, when i am logging into the same box through two different applications? , I know that ipconfig /release does not release IP Address - TechRepublic

Feb 21, 2020

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