Apparently, you can't delete stations that they've curated nor ones that you've custom created. This is incredibly lame, IMHO. I will never subscribe to Apple Music if you can't completely customize the experience. I'd rather stick with Spotify and Pandora. Apple wake up on this one. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Allow people to delete their unwanted

How to delete your Spotify account - Dec 28, 2015 Free Download for your Platform - Spotify Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Solved: Delete radio station - Page 14 - The Spotify Community

Aug 05, 2016

Spotify Stations vs Pandora: what’s the best way to get Jun 27, 2019 Why in the world can you not delete radio stations in Fair enough, but for some reason it made a radio station in the process (though no other requests have ever done this; I may have been on a buggy beta at the time) and now I've got this stupid radio station from a band I don't like and have no interest in ever listening to. Spotify doesn’t let you delete …

Nov 28, 2019 · Spotify automatically backs up the playlists you create, so if you delete them, they’re easy to get back. Log in to your account page. Click Recover playlists in the menu on the left. Click RESTORE by the playlist you want to recover. Open Spotify and find the restored playlist at the bottom of your playlist collection. Don’t see it?

Remove from Playstation Music - The Spotify Community Hello everyone, when i create my spotify acc i did it thru playstation music. But now, i want to remove my spotify from playstation music and dont have any bond with playstation music. How do i do that? I … How to delete your Spotify account - Dec 28, 2015