Many people prefer to limit their download speed, just to be in the downloading state for longer times, in order to seed back in higher speed that the download speed. Basic seeding techniques There are basically 2 ways that you should use your seedbox for:

Jul 24, 2015 · In actual fact, on my seedbox, the transfer speed ALMOST NEVER exceeds 40MB/s (and even this speed comes in short bursts); this is still a large speed, but it is no different from the speeds I get with the 100mbit connection that came with my ByteSized-Hosting seedbox, which was cheaper and came with nicer features, such as VNC Apr 15, 2018 · FTP, SFTP, SSH, SSL, HTTP, HTTP Proxy, OpenVPN are available as well. If necessary, you can also enable the browser extensions for the Safari and Chrome browser. You can then use these extensions to quickly view your seedbox stats (disk space, traffic, etc) and quickly perform several actions (restart slot, plex refresh, etc.) all without the FTP Access: Here you will find all the information for you to establish an FTP connection with your seedbox. By clicking the Filezilla Configuration button you will download an automatically generated configuration file for you in order to import to your Filezilla FTP client and connect to your seedbox via FTP. Tried a total of 3 providers. While has the waaaay fastest down/upload, it doesnt provide stability that tuvixhosting has for me. Really crazy speeds but it's throttled or something for me, because the speed drops, so when i compare my tuvix box to my .cc box, after an extended period of time, I have uploaded more with tuvix. A seedbox is a server where you can download and upload torrents. All of this happens by the use of a webinterface. Immediately when the torrent is downloaded (which will go way faster than on your house’s connection) you can download it through FTP(S), HTTP(S) on your house computer.

Quality Seedboxes. Our last seedbox went into light-speed, it'll be on the other side of the galaxy by now. Pricing Join Community Client Area is an awesome seedbox provider. I contacted them to see if they could give me a trial account to review their service, and they obliged. I downloaded a 2.5 gig file in 1 and a half minutes. The FTP download speed maxed out my home internet connections downloading also. So it is a quality service. The Seedbox Company vs. Here are a few important features and services to keep in mind when you are choosing the best seedbox provider for yourself. Client Support. In terms of customer support, both the Seedbox Company and follow a similar support process. Dec 02, 2017 · Either way, was not a jaw dropping difference in speed. Ran into an issue with connecting through Filezilla. They had provided the config file and I had it setup correctly. But i was unable to stay connected during FTP transfers from seedbox to my pc. I even tried their various other ways to connect: FTP,SFTP,SSH,HTTP. All were a hassle.

FTP, HTTP, SFTP and Plex traffic, will always use the premium network, making sure that you always get the best peering possible for streaming movies or downloading files to your home at top speed. This way, we can guarantee, that low traffic consumers, will never be throttled by another abusing user, and will always receive the premium quality

How to increase FTP upload speed? I just got a seedbox and went with Everything is great and downloads to/from seedbox to torrent or nzb are fast, like 15MB/sec. However, to move anything to and from my computer, takes ages.