The following code can help you in scanning for port 53/udp : from socket import * import sys, time from datetime import datetime host = '' ports = [53] def scan_host(host, port, r_code = 1) : try : s = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM) code = s.connect_ex((host, port)) if code == 0 : r_code = code s.close() except Exception, e : pass return r_code try : host = raw_input("[*] Enter Target Host

How to check open ports in Linux using the CLI - nixCraft Jul 22, 2019 UDP communication is blocked by the Windows Firewall rule Sep 09, 2015 UDP Ports Open on Device - Cisco Community One of these is the documentation of 'open' ports on network devices. That is to say, a tcp or udp port that the device is listening on or will accept connections on. A useful command for this kind of investigation is 'show control-plane host open-ports'; the output of which is shown here: Active internet connections (servers and established)

This guide shows you how to view a list of all the listening UDP ports on a Windows machine. This is useful for knowing if a service is listening on a specific port. View all listening UDP ports on Windows: Open the command prompt. Run the following command: netstat -an | find "UDP" | more …

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