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The Cisco ASA supports VPN filters that let you filter decrypted traffic that exits a tunnel or pre-encrypted traffic before it enters a tunnel. You can use the VPN filter for both LAN-to-LAN (L2L) VPNs and remote access VPN. VPN filters use access-lists and you can apply them to: Cisco ASA: VPNs With Overlapping Subnets | PeteNetLive ASA-2 Config. As with most site to site VPN configs, the ‘other-end’ should be a mirror image, like so;! object network OBJ-Site-B subnet object network OBJ-Site-B-XLATE subnet object network OBJ-Site-A-XLATE subnet ! nat How to configure Site-to-Site VPN with - Cisco Community Objective: Traffic between Branch 1 and Branch 2 should be able to talk across the existing IPSec VPN on headquarters ASA (HQ). Concepts:. Hairpinning (U-turn Traffic): Hairpinning is a term to describe traffic that is routed out of the same interface from which it entered.

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Example customer gateway device configurations for static Each VPN gateway in the VPN community that requires DPD monitoring must be configured with the tunnel_keepalive_method property, including any 3rd party VPN gateway. You cannot configure different monitoring mechanisms for the same gateway. Cisco ASA Site to Site VPN Failover How-To – Techstat

Jul 14, 2020

ASA VPN Logs - Micro Focus Community - 1577622 I have not integrated ASA logs with ArcSight, but at a previous job I had a syslog filter on an ASA to capture VPN login events. On the ASA you can capture specific syslog event IDs, for example a successful VPN login event is 113012. Here is the exhaustive list: