To see whether a website is safe to visit, you can check for security info about the site. Chrome will alert you if you can’t visit the site safely or privately. In Chrome, open a page. To check a site's security, to the left of the web address, look at the security status: Secure; Info or Not secure; Not secure or Dangerous

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– Secure sites show a closed padlock emblem you can click on for security details – the most trustworthy sites will have green padlocks or address bars. – And browsers show warning signs when the connection is NOT secure – like a red padlock, a padlock that is not closed, a line going through the website’s address, or a triangle on

5 ways to make sure a website is secure and private - F Yes, look for the little padlock, but that’s not nearly enough. Checking for HTTPS is the minimum … How to Fix Website Not Secure Error in Safari -

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