Nov 12, 2019 · The only configuration with NAT that was tested by Microsoft is running client on the private side of a NAT and have all servers located on the public side of the NAT. The NAT would also function as a DNS server.

Testing the LAN Routing and NAT. NOTE: for all to work properly, ideally you should have a DHCP assigning IP addresses on each subnet and also a DNS server for your client computers to be able to resolve names and browse the internet. Having said that, from one of the computer clients connected to S01, you should be able to ping S02. This is the IP config I have at one of my servers in S01. Step-By-Step Configuration of NAT with iptables nameserver # Primary DNS Server provided by the ISP nameserver # Secondary DNS Server provided by the ISP. Step #8. NAT configuration with IP Tables # Delete and flush. Default table is "filter". Others like "nat" must be explicitly stated. iptables --flush # Flush all the rules in filter and nat tables What is a NAT firewall, How Does it Work and When Do You

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The destination computer thinks that the proxy server IS the source computer, and deals with it directly. Also, proxy servers usually work at layer 4 (transport) of the OSI Reference Model or higher, while NAT is a layer 3 (network) protocol. Working at a higher layer makes proxy servers slower than NAT devices in most cases.

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