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RusRoute firewall is flexible software router and firewall, Internet gateway for Windows, it is the ideal solution for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of small firm, the users' traffic encountering and restricting, protection against of network attacks with functions of NAT, redirect, dynamic TCP shaper with conditional expressions, VPN server, transparent proxy with port

Sep 27, 2014 · Garmin nRoute is the popular piece of software that allows for auto-routing on a laptop computer with a Garmin GPS unit. nRoute is a powerful and feature-rich tool that supports waypoints, tracks, points of interest, addresses and more, but is primarily for navigating and tracking in real time.

The topics in this section provide overview and technical information about the Software Defined Networking technologies that are included in Windows Server 2016. Network Controller The network controller provides a centralized, programmable point of automation to manage, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot both virtual and physical network

NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, system NirSoft web site provides a unique collection of small and useful freeware utilities, all of them developed by Nir Sofer. If you are looking for Windows password-recovery tools, click here. If you are looking for network tools, click here. To view your IP address and other information, click here. To view all major IP address blocks assigned to your country, click here. Best Route Planning Software | 2020 Reviews of the Most