I then try to reinstall windows by USB and I boot with the right drive, and it comes up with a screen where the windows 10 icon is and does nothing. I then restart going back to the non working so, and somehow after like 20 minutes finally get to settings- updates- reset computer and it installed and says it had a problem or something.

How to fix Google chrome not opening in windows 10, 8.1 and 7 Apr 29, 2020 Start Menu Not Working in Windows 10 [Solved] Aug 20, 2019 App doesn't work after Windows 10 update - The Spotify This is the most frustrating thing ever. After upgrading to Windows version 1909, none of my Local Files - .mp3S - play with sound. In fact, if I go back to play the same track with no sound, the track now shows as unavailable in my Local Files.

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How to Fix Display/Video/Graphics Issues after Windows 10 Unable to detect GPU after Windows 10 update. The GPU driver is not working properly after upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft also warned various W indows 10 graphics issues with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) graphics, Intel (R) HD graphics card, and the Nvidia graphics. Well, this is a common driver problem that Windows users encounter. Anyways